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Optimizing your code using Valgrind

One of the most common and difficult errors to detect and resolve in C programs are bad memory management. Errors such as, allocate memory blocks and forget to deallocate after usage, try to read or write in a memory blo

Creating a simple Craigslist Gatherer Bot in Javascript

Craigslist, is a website of classified advertisements created in 1995. Containing sections devoted to things for sale, items, wanted, jobs, housing, services, etc. Any city or region could have this website, such as, Van

Creating a simple IRC Bot in Python

IRC, Internet Relay Chat, is a text chat program created in 1988. Although this technology is outdated, many IRC servers still continue to exist with thousands of users discussing different topics and sharing information

Controlling simulated drones using ROS

ROS, the Robot Operating System, is a collection of frameworks for robot software development created in 2007. The development status is active, so they are actively releasing new versions of ROS. It provides tools and c